Roger Cicchese

Roger Cicchese, Sound Designer


Roger Cicchese has been involved in the audio world for over 50 years. His mom used to say: “Roger was born with a microphone in one hand and a radio in the other.”

Roger’s work experience spans multiple occupations and geographic locations including technology, grant writing, management, teaching, product development and tech. support and broadcasting. His most memorable experiences include Kurzweil Educational Systems, The Boston Museum of Science, The New England Museum Association, The National Science Foundation, commercial and public radio stations etc. Roger was the first executive director of the Mayor’s commission for the handicapped in Boston.

Roger has taken on many challenging projects. His motto is: Our greatest limitations are those we place upon ourselves.

When he was an undergrad at Assumption College, he single handedly put together the first radio station at that college. Other radio work followed. Roger assisted Jane on her project involving the stories for the Learning Pillows, and in the early ‘80’s he helped to edit the many recordings that she developed. Because of this effort, Jane was able to market the Learning Pillows throughout the world.

Here is an interesting audio tidbit about Roger: In his spare time, he likes to create character voices that may be used in voice overs for radio commercials, industrial videos which has lead him to take up the imitation of famous actors and public figures.

Listen to these samples!


      Samples Roger Cicchese


Jane Kronheim

Jane Kronheim, President


Jane is an artist and educator in the special needs field. She is a published writer and columnist and over the years has created many multi sensory products for use with young children including the Learning Pillows, Rolling Right Along and the Visual Hand Display. She has recorded her stories and poetry which include sound effects, music and character voices.

When the opportunity came about to develop a new recording studio in New Hampshire, Jane quickly turned to Roger Cicchese to help her build the studio from its inception. Voices of Xperience is now in its 6th year of operation and we have worked with many fascinating and diverse poets, musicians, story tellers, historic societies and then some.

Jane loves to use her imagination to expand what and how people learn about their world. At the heart of this is her love of children and in what ways children can grasp early learning concepts. Jane knows how important it is that children learn to listen, and listen well.

One of Janes most memorable musical moments happened in 1965 when Jane saw the Beatles live at the Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Look for more tidbits about Jane on our website!